Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bear Lake Trip

We went to Bear Lake this weekend to visit Grandpa Rock and Grandma Judy. We had a lot of fun! Since it was pretty rainy we decided to go to Minnetonka Cave which was a lot of fun. Sienna wasn't a big fan of the cave, but Brox loved it!


Well this was our kid free, yes I said kid free Seattle trip. It was pretty fun. Very stress free which is always a bonus! It was pretty there, and very green. We did all of the tourist stuff and had lots of fun. Only wasn't long enough. Oh, here is a Seattle tip. GO TO CUTTER's! It is the best restaurant there for sure. We tried every seafood place to no avail until cutters. It was very yummy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Brox's last day of school

This is Brox's class playing dodgeball. It was very cute to watch and they loved playing it! I think they really liked it cause they never really got "out". They were all way too fast for their teacher...


Here is our cute little Sienna. If you are wondering why the pictures are out of focus, that is because my super fantastic ultra durable camera apparently has a messed up lens. Needless to say, I'm really glad I paid extra for it to be super durable...:)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brox's soccer

Brox has come a long way this year with soccer. He is very good. He scored 2 "hat tricks" which I found out means 6 goals. He's gotten more aggressive and even better absolutely loves it! He will be playing actual games this fall which I can't wait to see!

My beautiful diaper cake for Nicole's shower

Here is the finished product of the diaper cake I made for Nicole's shower. It turned out pretty cute and was easy for a non-crafty girl such as myself.

Kangaroo Zoo Fun!!!

We went to kangaroo zoo in bountiful for the first time and both of my monkeys loved it. They are little dare devils! Brox couldn't hold still for one second he was having so much fun, and Sienna wanted to go down the biggest slide there over and over and over again...I wish they had one in Boise!