Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun on the trampoline on Sienna's b-day

Well on Sienna's b-day she discovered that her love for grass is limited and her love for the trampoline is not. She could stay on the tramp all day long and she actually tries to stand up and jump. She may learn to jump before she learns to walk. Silly girl. She doesn't exactly know what to think of the grass. I think she finds it a bit too pokey! As you can see she tries to stay above it and looks like a stink bug in the process. She's my dainty girl!

Sienna's First Birthday!

Well she loved the cake at first, but then she didn't like it on her hands and tried getting it off and starting crying when it wasn't coming off. It was funny. She had a great first Birthday!


The kids had a fun filled day of easter egg hunts. They got to go to our Ward hunt and our neighborhood hunt. It was a little chilly, but lots of fun and way too much candy!